After selling his first cartoon to a children’s comic at 19, Mumph began selling work to Welsh media and newspapers. Mumph become a full-time cartoonist in 1991 and became a regular contributor to the Independent, The Times and the Western Mail.
He later became a political animator for BBC One and BBC Wales, and has two  upside down children’s books due out in the Autumn which he believes, will be the first of their kind in the world.

He has recently designed and developed the children’s road safety character ‘Carys Ofalus’ and produced a live weekly teenage programme for S4C.

His latest creation ‘Cwm Offit’ can be viewed here.


Mumph (creator of Cwm Offit) at work in his studio

“Without a doubt Mumph is the finest cartoonist working in Wales today. His drawings are exceptional and always raise a smile if not a hearty laugh. He understands Wales and the Welsh, what makes this country tick and with the slash of a pen line he can eviscerate pomposity. But it's the humanity you find in his work that makes him so special. He can express a character's depths with a simple stroke without resorting to cliché and his cartoons always contain a warmth which is so much part of the Welsh personality.”  - Tim Gordon- Editor South Wales Echo

"A rare talent in Wales - a cartoonist who can puncture the pomposity of the political class and in portraying the people we are, enable us to laugh at ourselves." - David Williams. Independent TV Producer and formerly political editor of BBC Wales.

“They say the pen is mightier than the sword but wielded by Mumph it delivers rapier wit that pricks pomposity and skewers spin.

Politicians sometimes worry what Mumph has in store for them but their real fear is being left out of his satire on Welsh public life.” -  Nick Powell. Political Editor ITV Wales 


“Mae Mal yn fwrlwm o ddoniolwch ac o ddawn – y gymysgedd berffaith ar gyfer cartwnydd llwyddiannus.” - Myrddin Ap Dafydd. Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.